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Wolves tear at a sheep carcass

Coalition forms to stop wolf introduction into Colorado


The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition

Grand Junction, CO – January 8, 2019 – The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition was recently formed by concerned sportsmen, farmers and ranchers, businesses and individuals to fight the effort to release wolves in Colorado. The mission of the Coalition is to educate the public about the harmful consequences of any introduction of wolves into the State of Colorado.

It is anticipated that carnivore advocacy groups such as the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project (rockymountainwolfproject.com), which is heavily influenced by the Ted Turner Endangered Species Fund, will run a ballot initiative in 2020 to force the release of wolves in Colorado.

In the 1990’s, the federal government forced the release of Canadian gray wolves in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, and the states have suffered the consequences. Since then, our neighbors to the north have endured continuous attacks on sheep and cattle, and have seen precipitous drops in big game herds.

Wolves are thriving and establishing new packs across the West; while wildlife, agriculture, and rural citizens shoulder the burden of an unwanted recovery.

Colorado lacks sufficient habitat to limit conflicts with wolves. Already crowded, Colorado’s population of ~5.6 million people is expected to reach ~8.1 million by 2050, and that doesn’t include the annual influx of ~38 million overnight visitors. Colorado is not the wild and free wilderness that wolf advocates portray and what about the wolf? Does a forced release do justice to a wild animal when conflicts and lethal removal are inevitable?

The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition will kick off its educational efforts January 21st at 6:00 p.m. MST on RFD- TV with Rural America Live. The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition depends on donations and volunteers, and we need your help with our efforts to oppose wolf recovery in Colorado.

Protect Colorado from the devastating impacts of wolves and make a donation today!

DONATE ONLINE: https://secure.anedot.com/costopwolf/donate


15 thoughts on “Coalition forms to stop wolf introduction into Colorado

  1. Wolves are Thee most efficient killing and maiming machine that has evolved over time.

    Every wolf in the lower 48 States not in a zoo, needs to be eliminated.
    And 3/4 of the wolves in Alaska need to be eliminated too.

    The only good wolves are Dead wolves. No doubt about that either.

  2. No to wolves! Not only are they devastating to wildlife, they carry a horrible disease that can easily infect people!

  3. I Hunt and Own Livestock In Colorado. Whoever came up with the Bright Idea to Introduce Wolves to the list of Predators In our State either Hates Farmers and Ranchers or stands to Profit from it. But like everything else They will Shove Wolves down our Throat since Rural Colorado has no Voice. Denver, Boulder Whatever they want is what we will get.

  4. I saw the devastation that the wolf did to the Yellowstone herd. They must not be released in Colorado.

  5. We hunt every year in Colorado. Several times we have come home empty handed. If wolves arrive, we will never be able to hunt there again.

  6. Being from Colorado, I have seen that there is plenty of natural predators. I personally saw in trail camera pictures this year an increase in mountain lion and bears. We do not need wolves. Friends I have from Idaho say it will decimate our deer and elk herds. The ranchers are afraid of their herds also. KEEP WOLVES OUT!!

  7. Your Colorado fawn crop, and also the elk calves, have taken increasingly heavy hits since the 90s from coyotes and lion alone. If you introduce the wolves, this is going to be devastating to your deer and elk. Even hibernating bear cubs are killed by wolves. Lion in fragmented habitats are enough for people and wildlife agencies to deal with … wolf packs are another story.

  8. From nw Wyoming do whatever you can to stop them from bringing in wolves they will destroy your game herds and also the livesto

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