Nevada Press Association gives RANGE magazine top awards for 2018

Nevada Press Association

Best of 2018

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Awards given to RANGE magazine for 2018 include the following:

Best Feature Writing

1. Carolyn Dufurrena, writer
RANGE magazine
Dancing on the Dark Side by Carolyn Dufurrena
2. Ray Hunkins, writer
RANGE magazine
Henry’s Indomitable Spirit by Ray Hunkins

Best Nonstaff Story

2. Todd Macfarlane, writer
RANGE magazine
In Search of Atticus Finch by Todd Macfarlane
Judge’s comment: In Search of Atticus Finch was an excellent look at lawyers from a different perspective . . . .

Best Investigative Story

2. Jim Steele, writer, Jim Petersen, writer
RANGE magazine
Judge’s comment: Good overview of fire ecology in the region. Nice mix of perspectives.

Best Local Column

1. Hank Vogler, writer
RANGE magazine
Hang and Rattle by Hank Vogler
Judge’s comment: Interesting, well-written columns, but I’m not a fan of the “Hang and Rattle” line at the end each time.
2. Barry Perryman, writer
RANGE magazine
Tales From the Wasteland by Barry Perryman, Ph.D.,
Judge’s comment: A mistake in the entry process meant just two of three were entered from this writer. But the two I got to read were very interesting.

Best Feature Photo

1. Jennifer DeFreece, photographer
RANGE magazine
Ladies of Twilight by Jennifer DeFreece
Judge’s comment: Beautiful use of light and graphics.
Best Feature Photo
3. Cynthia Baldauf, photographer
RANGE magazine
Cowboy in a Blizzard by Cynthia Baldauf
Judge’s comment: Perfect example of braving the elements and an interesting photo to come out of working with conditions.

Best Multiple Photo Essay

3. Skye Clark, photographer
RANGE magazine
Feeding Elk by photographer Skye Clark
Judge’s comment: Subtle design cues pull you into the story.

Best Print Ad

2. C.J. Hadley, publisher/editor, John Bardwell, art director
RANGE magazine
“Browbeaten. Badgered. Belittled. Bullied. And Blooded. But still standing after 100 issues”

Best Ad Series

1. C.J. Hadley, publisher/editor, John Bardwell, art director
RANGE magazine
26 Years of RANGE

Best Regular Department

1. David Muench, photographer, Larry Angier, photographer, Kurt Markus, photographer
RANGE magazine
Empty Quarter
Judge’s comment: I love the simplicity of this pieces. The use of graphics and text is a great combinations. It looks very professional!
3. Cynthia Baldauf, photographer, Robin Dell’Orto, photographer, Scott Baxter, photographer
RANGE magazine
Portrait of the West

Best Profile/Interview

1. Donald J. Hagerty, historian/author
RANGE magazine
Maynard Dixon, Cowboy Artist by Donald J. Hagerty
Judge’s comment: Well written story with good flow and information.
2. Marjorie Haun, writer
RANGE magazine
A Quiet Man by Marjorie Haun
Judge’s comment: Nice imagery in a well written story.

RANGE magazine Fall 1993 edition

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