Interesting Developments in the Nevada Case — Pete Santilli Calls Out BLM Misconduct — by Tim Brown

Pete Santilli 2We are literal days away from the trials of the political prisoners in the 2014 Bundy Ranch siege. With that said, reporter and talk show host Pete Santilli has called on Bureau of Land Management agents to out their fellow agents where misconduct took place and put not only the lives of patriots at Bundy Ranch at risk, but also their own.  Reposted from the Washington Standard.

On Sunday, I had the privilege of visiting with Pete Santilli at the Southern Nevada Detention Center.

At that time, he told me that the evidence found in the discovery, if allowed to be presented, would completely result in the men held there being acquitted. Among the evidence obtained in the discovery are both audio and video footage of BLM agents talking and joking about which heads of cattle they were going to kill first, as well as those protesting their illegal occupation of the area and threats against the Bundy family. This only confirms the claims of former Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

He then joined me on The Sons of Liberty Radio Show on Thursday to comment more on what has taken place, and called on BLM agents to speak out about the misconduct that took place among BLM agents under the direction of Daniel P. Love. Santilli said that Love’s authoritarian tactics not only put the lives of innocent American men, women and children at risk, but his leadership also risked the lives of his own men. Santilli said that lives were threatened to the point that the FBI pulled out realizing what was taking place.

Santilli said that this is day 365 of his imprisonment, which he termed “365 Days of Punishment.” One year ago today, I heard about the murder of Lavoy Finicum and arrest of Santilli and several others moments after it happened as I boarded a plane in Denver for my flight back home. During this time, Santilli and the Bundys have all been denied bail, pretrial release and even representation of their choosing. Yet, similar charges against Santilli and these men, along with others, are what they face in Nevada. In Oregon, all of Santilli’s charges were dismissed and the other men were acquitted of all charges.

While Pete says that he never advocated violence, which is true, he did strongly advocate that people defend themselves against heavily armed BLM or FBI agents. We’ve shown you previously how aggressive the BLM was against the people at Bundy Ranch and what they did to Cliven Bundy’s cattle. This is well documented with video and pictures and some of this is what the central government was to be kept out of the public eye.

In disclosing something he had never before said, Santilli told The Sons of Liberty Radio, “Under the direction of Daniel P. Love, I never understood the extent they [the BLM]would put so many lives in jeopardy, including their own.”

“The FBI opted out, and didn’t want to participate in Bundy Ranch,” he added. “This is the truth that needs to come out because Daniel P. Lover was pushing things too hard.”

The FBI were not the only ones who decided to abandon the BLM because of how things were being handled. The Las Vegas metro police, as well as the sheriff and the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) said they would not participate because it was dangerous.

In fact, the NHP told the BLM they would not shut down highways because of people exercising their right to protest peacefully.

Santilli calls what is currently going on to conceal the misconduct of the BLM a “coverup.” However, he believes it will come out in the trial. Instead of protecting the people and their rights, the corrupt central government prosecutors, according to Santilli, are seeking to protect “rogue agents in the Department of Interior.”

Santilli went on to plead with BLM agents, who knew what sort of misconduct was going on that endangered their lives too, to speak out against the misconduct. Here is just a small taste of what they illegally engaged in.

While there were some at Bundy Ranch who were armed, they were not brandishing weapons at the agents. Yet, the Obama administration allowed the BLM agents to point guns at those who were not armed, but simply protesting in the open. These included men, women and children.

Santilli would like to demand an Inspector General investigation into the Department of the Interior and the BLM, but due to his current circumstances, it makes it difficult for him to do. So, he asks that you contact your representatives and demand that they launch an investigation into the misconduct and hold these people accountable to the law.

To listen to the interview, please click here.

Reposted from the Washington Standard.

NOTE:  The Federal Government has filed a Motion seeking to limit and exclude all inculpatory evidence against the BLM.  They are seeking to attempt to insure that the case and evidence presented are completely one-sided.  TO LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE — FREE RANGE REPORT

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