Looking into the Future — are Current Realities for Native Americans a Reflection of OUR Future?


If you sometimes wonder what the future holds for Western ranchers — AND OTHERS — take a close look at conditions on most American Indian reservations today.  

native-princess-1See Native Americans And See OUR Future? by Chris Misita — Reposted from ReDoubt News

I had been traveling the country for approximately 6 months and one of my stops was SD. I stayed about 6 weeks in the Custer, Custer State Park (Sylvan Lake) and The Black Hills in the months of November and December. At one point the weather got so bad, at times -28 without windchill, I ended up spending about 3 weeks in a motel run by Sioux Indians. So I got the opportunity to learn a lot.

But what this article is about is a brief reflection of the Native American since the white man came and stole their land, decimated their way of life and basically enslaved them. An analogy of what happened to the Indians by government and what is happening to us, all of us, NOW.

This article is not going to take a sides and say whether it was right or wrong because colonization was the way of life and acquisition of territory at the time. That would never happen now that we’ve become so civilized…. right? I don’t know. Maybe that’s precisely what’s happening in a much more subversive fashion. Right before our eyes but we’re too busy, too comfortable to see what the other hand is doing….. behind the curtain.

Stolen Land

Stolen land and broken promises. The Native Americans lost most of their land and were given reservations in some of the worst, most inhospitable, infertile land throughout the United States.

I drove through parts of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on my way to the Badlands. I got myself lost at one point and stopped at a police station for directions. There were bullet holes in their bullet proof glass and the bathrooms hadn’t seen a plumber in God only knows how long. The water was running and the floor wet from overflowing. This, in the woman’s bathroom. I was grateful for my 4X4 even on their city streets as the ditches and missing concrete was THAT deep.

I went to Wounded Knee and within minutes of parking my car, I had several cars pull right in beside me with 3 to 5 Native Americans in each car. I admit I was nervous as I’d been warned not to go to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation alone, especially as a White woman. But against really good advice my intrigue got the better of me. I bought some ear rings and a necklace from a couple of the women. After my purchases, one woman stayed behind the rest to talk to me for awhile. She told me her only income was what she could sell the jewelry for, and her government assistance. She told me all about her grand-kids who don’t drink, do drugs, or cuss and how she watches them constantly to keep them out of trouble. She also told me all about their sports and how they excelled. She was so proud of those young high-schoolers who at the moment are evading following in their parents footsteps. Or at least that was my assumption since they’re not living with their parents.

There are trailers everywhere and about 40% to 50% are completely uninhabitable. They are just left there, to rot, as are the cars as they become uninhabitable. The dogs run free right along the hwy. darting with experience and expertise around the moving cars roaring down the highway. Tons of them everywhere.

Another observation was the sheer number of horses rather than cattle. That, I assumed is the Indians love of the horse but I couldn’t help but think how much more beneficial to have the acres filled with beef cattle. The land is so poor it takes about 40 acres to feed 1 head of either a horse or cow.

And our property?

Has now largely been stolen through incrementalism. Government tells us exactly what we can and cannot build on the land. Then they tell us exactly how much we will and won’t pay in taxes, building permits, etc. for the land. They tell us how many units we may put on it, what type of septic and/or sewer. If they want the land, they just take it through eminent domain, blight, confiscation, radical environmentalism. We basically get the privilege of occupying the property until our representatives, i.e. racketeers, decide they have a different use for it. Fight it? I wonder how many average citizens have the assets to fight the unlimited resources of the government that they take from us with force? Oh yes force. If you do not pay as they demand you will be fined, jailed and have your property confiscated. If you fight back you’ll be shot. Make no mistake the government uses force to accomplish their ends and most of us comply….. as we’ve been trained to do but that’s an entirely different subject.

I’ve heard rumor they’ve even used our National Parks for collateral of our National Debt. I still need to research this. But if you go to Yellowstone, Great Smokey Mountains or Mammoth Caves National Parks you will see signs International Biosphere Reserve.


At the motel where I stayed, TJ was missing all her teeth. She’s my age. Government dental care. She said almost everyone in her family was toothless because the dental care for Native Americans was so bad. She also said they had to go to the clinic if they needed medical care.

So now, the Democrats want to put us all on Nationalized healthcare and make our productive class pay for it all. This isn’t by choice but by force just as obamacare is by force.


The Indians were forced from their homes and into govt. schools so they could be indoctrinated the way the govt. wanted and torn from their families and culture. All of this by force and not by choice.

We have compulsory nationalized education for our children and if you don’t comply, parents will go to jail. Yes, I understand we can home school but government still largely controls the message and parents are forced (slavery) to keep mountains of information and documentation to appease the government. They say this is for the well being of the children. Well then I wonder why our children are failing so badly in school, developmental disabilities are raising at epidemic proportions and we have record numbers of children on psychotropic drugs.

All the public schools are ‘Collectivist’ AND…. ALL of the private schools and universities as well, since they ARE regulated and controlled by the state and MUST include the state approved ‘propaganda’ and guidelines. Through constant repetition, attacking dissenters, it quickly gets accepted as truth.

The propaganda is

  • The government provides service X.
  • IF, the government does not provide service X, then service X will NEVER be provided.
  • Therefore, anyone arguing against the government providing service X, is arguing against the necessity or value of service X.

THIS, is how Collectivism takes over societies. Every totalitarian dictator knew they must capture the young to impose their totalitarian rule upon the masses. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin were the masters and we’ve seen this blue print throughout history. Now it is here and our children ARE the target.

Gun Confiscation


Here’s what you need to know about gun confiscation

You think the government are after your guns for the safety of society and particularly the children? Think again. They’re after your freedom, wealth, property, sovereignty, resources and very lives. This is clearly evidenced by the gun confiscation of the Native Americans, many who peacefully turned in their weapons believing naively that the government was going to protect them. We see at Wounded Knee 297 were massacred of which 200 were women and children.

This is what happens when you say NO to govt.native

One only needs to look at the Democrat run (for decades) cities of Detroit, Chicago, LA, and Oakland, Ca. where the individual sovereignty has been replaced by government to know more and bigger government is not the answer to a free people. They enslave people through their welfare schemes. Nothing is free.

Subjugation is what happens to a conquered people. When they’re overwhelmed by force and violence and government takes control of their lives in the ‘facade’ to help. We need only look at the reservations and the Native American people to know it’s true.

These people have largely lost their heart, soul and pride. Are we next? How much of our heart, soul, and pride is already gone? This is what becomes of a people when they lose their language, culture and borders….. how much of ours is already gone?

What happens when people lose control of their own destiny?

The AIM (American Indian Movement) sought attempted to take back control of their own lives…. failed by the force of violence. Too little and way too late. They were over powered.

I know we all make our own way in life, but how does one overcome the despair and bitterness passed down from generation to generation of a conquered people?

Are we next in the long history of downsized and conquered nations and people? Will we remain lulled to sleep with a false sense of security in a government gone wild America? Where we are spied upon all over the place and made to get permission even to become a barber or beautician.

Are we watching the demise of our language, culture and borders? Are we being downsized and is it too late? I believe that We are the many and they are the few. If we can put our differences aside and come together for a greater purpose, that of preserving our way of life, we can turn this around.

Otherwise I fear we will witness the end of our great civilization like so many past. Like that of the Native American. We are all Indians now.

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  1. Humans were always all Indians. Of one sort or another. We are one race, the Human race.

    Like Ted Kazynski said, “the technology is in the wrong hands”.

    The effort to undermine the Sheriff and the rule of law will continue. It will because the only way to undermine the 2nd Amendment is to turn off the Constitution. Martial law is the only way to turn off the Constitution.


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