The BLM & Bunkerville in a Nutshell — Short Video Explanation


The Bunkerville Standoff has come up in the Oregon Standoff Trial.

For a short, nutshell video explanation of Bunkerville and underlying issues with the BLM, this is a good place to start, followed by the Vin Suprenowicz article in RANGE magazine, Summer 2014.

6 thoughts on “The BLM & Bunkerville in a Nutshell — Short Video Explanation

  1. BRAVO Brother ! For your amazing video; I’ll like for use to team up an exposing these criminal enterprise agency(s) (such as, the BLM, EPA, DOFW and US Forestry. Including, Uranium One, Calico Resource, Barrack Gold INC. and other(s)).

    The documrnts in my Ilpossession; will connect ALL these co-conspirators (Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Rory Reid, George Soros, Barrack Hussein Obama, Neil Kronze, Gregory Kronze, Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden, Ted Ferrioli, Greg Walden, Peter DeFazio, Boyd Britton, Cliff Bentz, Dan Nichols, Stacy Davis, Steven E Grasty, Anna J Brown, Anna Akins and others). Which directly and / or indirectly behind the Land Grabbing by the BLM for Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Copper, water and other minerals.

    NOTE: If you follow the money; you will seek the truth…


    Lazaro Ecenarro

  2. BLM,is a government paid for taking and caring for the land on United States which belongs to the people of America,you,me,us!!the blow out about a permit was a grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather,was given a permit to do so this is not a paid permit as far as grazing rights there’s nothing out there to feed anything, excellent desert right here there’s like artifacts, petroglyphs and tourist trap he knows if that’s what it is or not I know this much being raised around truck drivers ranchers Farmers and bikers 81 baby, with the knowledge I was raised with you do not destroy trash or disrespectful and God created that and we believe in the Lord we also believe in their constitutional rights who who doesn’t know it better learn it!!! I’m just sick about the way they’ve got the people locked up for what the BLM pushing them around killing their cattle taking away their livelihood in the money and the food on the table for his family and what harm can cattle do to destroy,what? They got the grazing rights???what?!?loll, there’s nothing out there for any animal!! That’s why farmer has his own head to be his cattle to feed his family I think it’s people that been in jail long enough let them go!!!please stop pushing us around,you are paid for us and you are paid by us!!WE THE PEOPLE!!lets take America back,GOD BLESS US ALL!!without the guns and their badges they are just like us if it gets any worse they’re going to be sorry because her family is going to have to deal with it too the world is evil it ain’t going to get no better cute the government state in law enforcement remember you have family and you one day this could all be sitting in your lap get on your knees and thank God and praise him that you never ever have to go through what we’re going through or gone through!! In God’s eyes we are all a child of God we are brothers and sisters amen

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