Joe Robertson Suffers Stroke in Prison


According ot Redbout News, disabled senior veteran Joe Robertson was convicted of Clean Water Act violations and sentenced on July 20th to serve 18 months in prison. By Shari Dovale

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Judge Donald W. Molloy admitted at the sentencing that the law on this issue was “murky” yet that did not deter him from having Joe removed from the courtroom in cuffs. Joe was not even allowed to say goodbye to his wife before he was hauled out of there.

He began in Missoula, but was transferred within days to Shelby, Montana. Now they are taking about transferring him again. Only now, they are not saying where he will be transferred, but there are several possibilities.

To begin with, he must go through Nevada to be processed for another detention area, possibly Oregon, Colorado or Arizona. They have even suggested that he might be housed on the east coast.

They are traumatizing this 77 year old disabled vet. His health is precarious enough, but they have pushed him so far that he has taken a turn for the worse.

Joe Robertson suffered a stroke this weekend at Shelby Prison. He was taken to the hospital for a few tests, but returned to his cell shortly after. He is dizzy every day, and needs glasses now to see.

He used to be able to walk around the yard 6-7 times when he was allowed, but cannot make even one full circle at this point. The guards have decided not to let him walk in the yard at all for fear that he will fall.

So he sits in his cell.

His wife Carri and I try to talk every few days. She told me that she has to reapply for visitation because the form she submitted was denied. They have told her that she needs to submit a different form, and the 30 day clock will start again when they receive it.

She did find someone that could help her to get money onto Joe’s account so that he can call her more often. That has helped them both.

Mike Donahoe has yet to file the appeal brief. He has also said that he does not need Joe for the appeal, so he does not seem to feel a pressing need to ask the court to keep him in Montana. That may be the clincher for Joe to be transferred across the country.

Transferring Joe at this point would be extremely detrimental to his health. He has already suffered a stroke, what more do they want?

Please keep Joe and Carri in your prayers.

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