Formation of National Grazing Allotment Owners Association

sheep grazing leftAnnouncing the first ever, national organization for range or grazing AllotmentOwners that is wholly run by Allotment Owners.
The first ever national organization for range or grazing Allotment Owners that is wholly run byAllotment Owners has been formed as the: Range Allotment Owners (RAO) National Grazing-lands Education Association.
In a statement today, Executive Director Dr. Angus McIntosh said, “We saw a real need for a national organization that will protect the property-rights and business interests of AllotmentOwners.” 
McIntosh continued, “Therefore, we formed the Range Allotment Owners Association.  RAO will give Allotment Owners a strong voice that will dominate and control State and Federal bureaucrats. By honoring our statutes, we, not the feds or enviros, will dictate all terms and uses of Allotment Owners property. RAO will be run by us, not the BLM or USFS!”
RAO will have a National Grazing Advisory Board of 13 Directors (1 for each of the eleven Western States, an Indian Allotmentowner, and a Plains Region Allotmentowner for the National Grasslands ranchers). Each Director is an Allotment Owner who will form their own State Grazing Advisory Board – and as many local boards as they need. Each Director may invite current members of established grazing advisory boards to join or form new boards.
Congratulations and thank you’s to RAO Directors: Robert Corbell (CA), Tim Erickson (CA), Lorene Bonds (CO), Maxine Korman (MT), Gary Stone (MT), Wayne Hage Jr. (NV), Matt Wood (UT), Chuck Sylvester (WY), and Native Indian-Allotment Representative Carlos Salazar.
If you are an Allotment Owner in Wyoming, Washington, Oregon or Idaho and want to volunteer as a RAO Director, please contact us.
Range Allotment Owner Directors show strong determination to voluntarily stand up forAllotment Owners rights!
For more information, go to, email   call Chuck (970) 284-6874 or Angus (970) 213-1005
Join us and protect your future!
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