Amy Joi O’Donoghue Deseret News Range wars: Tension mounts in the West over public lands grazing, wild horses and ranchers More than 70 animal advocacy and conservation groups are calling on the Biden administration to eliminate livestock grazing on any public lands where wild horse populations exist, ramping up theContinue Reading

Dan Murphy: In Praise of The Range by Dan Murphy Drovers The one aspect of our global ecosystem that’s consistently, ignored, abused and neglected is the Earth’s rangelands. For the sake of animal agriculture — and the health of the planet — that needs to change. Here’s a fun littleContinue Reading

Wolves hurt livestock and local communities in the United States and France. By Michel Meuret, Pierre-Louis Osty and Fred Provenza, Ph.D.s and rangeland scientists. Grey wolves were reintroduced in the northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) in the mid-1990s, at about the same time wolves discretely came on their own to France,Continue Reading

  RANGE magazine has been raising a fuss and a ruckus in favor of ranchers for over 25 years.  Part of RANGE’s mission is to Address Issues Facing the West, and tell the otherwise untold stories of The Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback.   For fresh, bold, new information, RANGE magazineContinue Reading