by Staff Mountain States Legal Foundation The Grizzly Wars: Environmentalists at War with Science and Ranchers Over Bear Management Wyoming ranch hand Marcelo Tejeda was tending sheep in Wyoming’s Upper Green River Valley. He was settling down for the night when suddenly the still, quiet air of the Wyoming wildContinue Reading

The 2020 sheep shearing season turned out to be quite an adventure – more for some than others. Background Although I come from a sheep ranching family, and have been quite active in the sheep industry myself for the past 10 years or so, it wasn’t until just the pastContinue Reading

Remembering Freddie Reflections on the life and surroundings of a dedicated sheep rancher By Jim Fousekis Almost 30 years ago my wife Susan and I bought a 610-acre ranch property on the Eastern Sierra of California, near Bridgeport (and its beautiful valley), nestled under the Sierra Nevada with Green LakeContinue Reading