When Gianforte announced on May 4 that Montana would end unemployment benefits early, not even industry groups had yet announced support for the move.  But soon they followed Gianforte’s bold lead, and by the end of May, 24 states had announced plans to end federal extended unemployment benefits. Leadership inContinue Reading

John Hoak, a friend of RANGE magazine from Bighorn, Wyoming, evoked a little controversy with his recent letter to Mitt Romney, (see “Wyoming man opens a can of “whoop ass” on Mitt Romney for conviction vote). Saying that John Hoak is “opinionated” in his letters to various parties doesn’t quiteContinue Reading

Right now the Second Amendment is viewed as toxic in many quarters, and politically incorrect to even mention. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Iron County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Cedar City.  It was a grand event, at which both Mitt Romney andContinue Reading

President Obama has announced aggressive new “Executive Action” on gun control.  But how much do you know about the details of what he is doing?  The chances are that like most people, you don’t know much.  And one of the main reasons for this is that much of what weContinue Reading

Texans are in no mood to have the Obama administration take away their guns. A pair of nullification bills working their way through the Lone Star State legislature would prohibit state enforcement of federal gun laws and regulations within the state. House Bill 422 prohibits any state agency, municipality, andContinue Reading