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Another Side: Social Media Spurred and Ultimately Doomed “Sagebrush Standoffs”? — Repost by Iwusthe Driver, Editorial Assistant

  According to Chris Zinda, what he refers as the ‘Sagebrush-Patriot standoffs’ “would have been far less likely to occur without the anarchy that is social media and the internet….

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Remembering Bert Smith — by Todd Macfarlane

Our good friend Bert Smith passed away unexpectedly on March 31, 2016. ¬†Unlike my old family friend Jack Walther (who was a good friend and co-hort of Bert’s, and died…

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Ninth Circuit Reverses Hage Case

According to the Capital Press, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling that held the government conspired against rancher Wayne Hage, who was an icon of the…

“Coordination Clause” is Becoming the Weapon of Choice in Fighting Federal Land Use Restrictions

According to the High Country News an obscure provision in two environmental laws is the weapon of choice in a bureaucratic Sagebrush Rebellion.   Suzy Foss became a Ravalli County,…