On Halloween of 1998, we moved from Missouri to Norris, SD in the heart of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. I thought it would be “way cool” because my only “real” experience with Indians was through Kevin Costner in my favorite movie Dances With Wolves. As it turned out,Continue Reading

  If you sometimes wonder what the future holds for Western ranchers — AND OTHERS — take a close look at conditions on most American Indian reservations today.   See Native Americans And See OUR Future? by Chris Misita — Reposted from ReDoubt News I had been traveling the country for approximatelyContinue Reading

  Once again, I am so proud of my Native American brothers and sisters for standing together to stand their ground, and stand-up to centuries of oppression and abuse, working together to protect our critical natural resources. Natives from across the country have come together for the first time inContinue Reading

The Wisdom of Leaving the Reservation to Stage a Protest. Among the many slurs about my people is one about “going off the reservation,” that has gotten some attention lately.  The saying makes reference to infamous Native American warriors of days gone by, like Geronimo, who repeatedly broke-out and “leftContinue Reading