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Bundy Proceedings to Remain Shrouded in Secrecy

  In order to maintain public confidence in a civil society, not only must justice be done, it must also be seen to be done.  Reposted from Mesquite Local News….


Recent Blizzard Highlights the Hypocrisy in North Dakota — Loos Tales Radio — by Trent Loos

Fossil fuels and water were never the real issues at Standing Rock, and its tribal Chairman admits it. A typical North Dakota blizzard has come and lives are now in…


The Bundy Ranch Story — a Video Series — as told by Ammon Bundy

  The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 1 — a Government Gone Rogue   The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 2 — Liberty’s Sacrifice   The Bundy Story — Part…


A Constitutionalist Revolution? — by John C. Eastman

  It started even before Donald Trump was declared the winner. The pundits and commentators, stunned beyond belief, began to pontificate about how this could possibly have happened. No one…


Realities from the NoDAPL Protest in North Dakota — from Rural Route Radio — with Trent Loos

Marine Corps Veteran David Schutz went to the Standing Rock Protest from Massachusetts to see for himself what was going on. After being robbed and assaulted he is warning all…

Bears Ears NA Protest 1

Grassroots Movement(s) in Southeastern Utah Defy Obama Monuments Agenda

The proposal to make Bears Ears a national monument has created divisions throughout the state of Utah. But in San Juan County, residents of all backgrounds are taking a stand…



  Sizing-up the the Oregon Standoff Trial from start to finish, in a Nutshell, including all six rings of the six-ring circus, as well as Major Takeaways.   Thursday, October…


Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer Wins Election Despite Media Narrative

  Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County Oregon came under fire during the Malheur Protest in January 2016 because he communicated and talked to some of the people who were…


The Guardian Experiment: The Rest of the Story About Me and the Recent Presidential Election — by Todd Macfarlane

  So the cat is out of the bag.  I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  In fact, I didn’t cast a vote in the U.S. Presidential election at all. Social…


Ten Myths About Wild Horses in the West

Horses have a greater impact on rangeland vegetation than other ungulates because of their anatomy and foraging habits. Horses can consume 1.25 times the amount of forage than a cow…