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Judges for the 2020 Nevada Press Association “Better Newspapers and Magazines” contest have awarded Second Place for General Online Excellence to RANGE magazine’s associated website, Rangemagazine.com. Although judges’ comments were mixed, with some praising the website’s simplicity and user-friendly format, and others critical of the static graphic design, we seeContinue Reading

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On Saturday, September 21, the Nevada Press Association (NPA) hosted their annual conference in Ely. For her tremendous accomplishments in Nevada print media, including her work with Silver & Blue, the magazine for the University of Nevada, Nevada Magazine, and RANGE magazine, publisher Caroline Joy (C.J.) Hadley, was inducted intoContinue Reading

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WILDFIRES: UNDERSTANDING & PREVENTING THE DESTRUCTION Something can and should be done, immediately. Waiting is dangerous. When President Trump visited the devastation in California, he said the cause of the wildfires was poor forest management. True. But, the rest of his facts showed an alarming naiveté when he threatened toContinue Reading

Pictorial History Celebrates America’s Outback The drama of life in the American West is featured in the 2019 edition of the Real Buckaroo Calendar produced by RANGE magazine. RANGE is an award-winning national, issues-oriented publication devoted to people who live and work on the land, and is the recipient ofContinue Reading

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