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Moab Full 1

The Ugly Underbelly of National Monument/Park Designations and “Conservation Tourism”

  Why Little Western Towns Don’t Want to Become ‘Another Moab’ Despite its tourist boom, the town that mining, parks, and mountain biking built is straining to get by.  — by…

Katie Fite 3

Another Side: Katie Fite Goes After “Public Lands” Ranchers — Repost by Iwusthe Driver, Editorial Assistant

  According to Katie Fite, a well-known environmental activist often aligned with Jon Marvel and Western Watersheds, Timber Oligarchs Transform Into Beef Barons in Harney County and the Oregon High Desert….

Federal Fault Line 1

Point of Agreement: the Federal Government is Missing the Mark — Realities Nobody Wants to Talk About — by Todd Macfarlane

More Realities: There seems to be little agreement about all the reasons WHY the Federal Government should NOT be managing such massive amounts of land and resources in the West,…

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Oregon Attorney Weighs in on Adverse Possession Claim

According to Oregon Attorney, Mike Arnold (former Ammon Bundy attorney) Adverse Possession is Available Against Department of Interior in Limited Circumstances Remember when Judge Jones said to the Bundys that…

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NEW PERSPECTIVES: A Changed & Humbled Phil Lyman Bares His Soul — Still Doesn’t Believe He “Trespassed”

  BLANDING — San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman had a lot of time to think in his jail cell. He said he had several epiphanies while he read “Hamilton,”…

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OTHER SIDE: Sometimes We Must Protect the West from Itself?

According to an opinion piece by Adam Sowards published in High Country News, Sometimes We Must Protect the West from Itself. NOTE:  In the West, there is an old saying…

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Ninth Circuit Reverses Hage Case

According to the Capital Press, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling that held the government conspired against rancher Wayne Hage, who was an icon of the…

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Press Release from LaVoy Finicum & Malheur Occupiers

Our message is being distorted and mischaracterized.  “Reports in the media have tried to portray myself and others as gun toting militants with a death wish. Nothing could be farther…

Mary Bullock Wire Right

The Mary Bullock Story and Other Related Issues in the Long Trail of BLM Abuses — by Todd Macfarlane

The recent  Hammond Case in Oregon has stirred a great deal of outrage and disbelief, but it is just the latest drop in the bucket in a long trail of…

SENATOR THOMAS HART BENTON — What Do You Know About Him? — by Ken Ivory

“[T]he federal government…became the  monopolizer of vacant lands in the West: and this monopoly, like all monopolies, resulted in hardships to those upon whom it acted.” Which famous U.S. senator…