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Other Side: High Country News & Kieran Suckling Spread Fear & Panic over OST Verdict

  According to High Country News Editor, Tay Wiles, “Many critics of the occupation fear the verdict will embolden people in Western states who dislike the federal government to use…


The Heart of the Issue: The Fight Over Public Lands

Listen to the OPB Podcast:  The Heart of the Issue — Public Lands. Note: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, here at RANGEFIRE! we have no interest…


What To Do About Growing Conflicts Over Rangelands in the West — Part 3

The lack of well-defined and transferable federal grazing rights presents serious obstacles to resolving rangeland disputes in a cooperative and mutually beneficial manner. These obstacles have important effects on the…


What To Do About Growing Conflicts Over Rangelands in the West — Part 2

Grazing rights are inherently tenuous because agencies continually reallocate rangeland resources and adjust -so-called grazing privileges to meet changing political conditions. Moreover, without the right to acquire grazing permits for…


WHY? — a Perpetual Question in the War on the West

  Because, in the minds of many, the right amount of public lands grazing is NO GRAZING, the Federal Government seeks to put the last rancher in Clark County (Cliven…


‘Bears Ears’ and the Fight Over Who Controls the West — Guest Editorial

  Free Range Report Editorial Staff — Reposted from Free Range Report During his terms, President Obama has used the Antiquities Act to create over 25 new national monuments, gobbling…


Range War Continues in the West– Let’s Review a Little Recent History

  THE ENVIRONMENTAL GORILLAS — according to Robert Brooke, New York Times, September 20, 1998, less than 20 years ago it was the radical environmentalists who were shooting cows, cutting…


Politicians & Public Officials Debate “Public Lands Initiative”

The national head of the Bureau of Land Management testified Wednesday before a congressional committee in Washington, DC, that his agency could not support a massive public lands bill for Utah…

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Are Sage Grouse Being Used as ScapeGoat to Reduce Grazing in the West?

  Feds to restrict grazing, other activities on public lands to save sage grouse in the West, by Dan Elliot, as published by L.A. Times “These plans, written as if the sage…

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Another Side: Social Media Spurred and Ultimately Doomed “Sagebrush Standoffs”? — Repost by Iwusthe Driver, Editorial Assistant

  According to Chris Zinda, what he refers as the ‘Sagebrush-Patriot standoffs’ “would have been far less likely to occur without the anarchy that is social media and the internet….