“This is a huge win for property owners in Montana. We’ve successfully blocked the introduction of free-roaming bison for at least the next decade,” said UPOM Policy Director Chuck Denowh. “This is a major setback for the American Prairie Reserve and their plan to impose wild bison on their neighbors and onContinue Reading

Biden’s “30 By 30 Plan” – a Slap at American Private Property Rights Opinion by Karen Budd-Falen All of rural America and anyone who believes that local control of resources and that the American farmer and rancher is the backbone of this country should be alarmed at the notion thatContinue Reading

Will “Fly-Over Country” Have a Voice to Protect Private Property Rights under the Endangered Species Act?  Opinion by: Karen Budd Falen Budd Falen Law Office, LLC The proceedings in a distant courthouse in Hawaii might not normally be the central focus of most private property owners, but recent actions atContinue Reading

REPOSTED WITH PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR Ed Bandel District 8 Director, Montana Farm Bureau Federation  Proposed heritage area poses threat to private land ownership  First of all, I would like to thank President McPherson for the opportunity to take over his column this issue. He has seen the importance ofContinue Reading

This article by the late Dr. Michael S. Coffman was originally published in the Summer 2015 edition of RANGE magazine. Everyone at RANGE magazine, and our readers, sorely miss Dr. Coffman and his timeless insights and scientific reports. We hope you will enjoy this fascinating and enlightening article. ~Ed MagnaContinue Reading

California’s Prop 15 Will ‘Punish Farmers and Ranchers’ by Greg Henderson for Drovers Politicians lie. That may not be a startling revelation, and usually when you vote you have some idea whether or not a candidate aligns with your political ideals. At least sometimes. Such is not the case withContinue Reading

by Tom DeWeese, RANGE magazine contributor and president of The American Policy Center ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ THE EVIL FACING AMERICA On July 23, 2004, I addressed the fifth annual Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, Nevada. Freedom 21 was the first coalition of limited government/private property advocacy groups. Freedom 21 eventually sponsoredContinue Reading

Tom DeWeese is a friend and regular contributor to RANGE magazine. President of the American Policy Center, Tom is dedicated to defending private property rights and protecting Americans from globalist land grab schemes. Please enjoy this presentation of his Five Point Plan to Restore and Protect American Property Rights andContinue Reading

As posted by Protect the Harvest WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS – ANIMAL RECOVERY MISSION (ARM) Militarized Animal Rights Wannabes Stand By and Film Animal Abuse to Benefit Their Own Agenda Protect The Harvest works to educate and inform the public about the activities of animalContinue Reading

Old Man of the Ski–The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act: What You Need to Know! The 2019 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act  (WCCA) is perhaps the most significant attack on private property rights in decades, perhaps ever.  A simple look at the list of sponsors of the proposed legislation provides plenty of warningContinue Reading