The Great Bung Fodder Scare of 2020 First published in the Times Independent 3/13/2020 By Marjorie Haun What do America and Venezuela have in common? EMPTY SHELVES IN THE SUPERMERCADO! No, City Market and Dollar General are not suffering under the ignominious shortages inherent to socialism, but a creeping massContinue Reading

Fake Out By Lee Pitts, RANGE magazine It seems like everything is fake these days: fake news, fake ice cream, fake money, fake teeth, fake knees, fake hips and fake identities. Bald guys are wearing toupees, women are getting fake boobs and fake people pester me on the phone withContinue Reading

by ©Lee Pitts Government officials say over 5,000 invasive species have infiltrated our ecosystem and our economy causing an estimated $120 billion in damages annually. Here’s my top ten list of invasive species in America today. 10. Fake Food– Remember the days when the great American barbecue consisted of aContinue Reading

I’ve been around horses and horse trading essentially my whole life.  (See Memories of Jack Walther).  And believe it or not, valuable life lessons can be learned from horse trading. At this point, after a market crash, followed by a significant multi-year slump, the horse market seems to have rebounded,Continue Reading

  It’s a county election year here in Millard County and it’s interesting to sit back and watch as all the popular buzzwords come out of the woodwork. The primary point of buzzwords is to try to impress and create emotional effect.   Perpetually, the single biggest buzzword in thisContinue Reading

  We love our neighbors.  We’re just glad they’re a full section (640 acres = one mile) away. I had been fairly warned.  When we brokered a deal to sell a piece of property adjoining our ranch to some folks from the city, Tammy, the sharp, suburban wife in theContinue Reading

According to the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You. DUE PROCESS is the Golden Rule of Principled Government.  It is one of the most basic, fundamental,  universal concepts of American government, reflected in both the Utah State and U.S. Constitutions, applicable to manyContinue Reading

  So the cat is out of the bag.  I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  In fact, I didn’t cast a vote in the U.S. Presidential election at all. Social media has made it easy to live in filter bubbles, sheltered from opposing viewpoints. So what happens when liberals andContinue Reading

  In one of the most insightful comments on election night, Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press pointed out that rural Americans had won this race, the people who feel forgotten—he added in a direct comment to Lester Holt “we’re even guilty of that when we refer to themContinue Reading

  The election of Donald Trump has come as an earth-shattering shock to the cock-sure Mainstream Media, in much the same way the Oregon Standoff Trial verdict came as such a shock — and for exactly the same reason(s):  because the Mainstream Media is so blinded by its own biases thatContinue Reading