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Biggest Initial Takeaways from the Oregon Standoff Trial

   #1 – LaVOY FINICUM’S DEATH WAS COMPLETELY UNJUSTIFIED.  May he rest in peace.     Compelling new forensic evidence shows what really happened.  WATCH THE VIDEOS. Based on the Constitutional…


Breaking Developments in the Oregon Standoff Trial

  Scroll-down for Previous Developments. Friday, October 28, 2016: Juror #4 Issues a Statement via The Oregonian/OregonLIve:  Government Failed to Meet Its Burden of Proof.   “It should be known…


The Heart of the Issue: The Fight Over Public Lands

Listen to the OPB Podcast:  The Heart of the Issue — Public Lands. Note: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, here at RANGEFIRE! we have no interest…

Keith Nantz Horseback Right

Ranching in the Spotlight — What Most People Don’t Know — the Growing Disconnect

  According to Oregon rancher, Keith Nantz, here’s what most people don’t understand: The Obama Administration has pushed the Western ranching industry to the brink. The Ammon Bundy-led seizure of…

Isn't That Special 1

Isn’t that Special? — Lessons Learned from the Dakota Access Protests — Off the Reservation — by Redtail Rose

The Wisdom of Leaving the Reservation to Stage a Protest. Among the many slurs about my people is one about “going off the reservation,” that has gotten some attention lately….

Sheriff Glenn Palmer 1

ANOTHER SIDE: Les Zaitz Continues Crusade Against Sheriff Glenn Palmer — Repost by Iwusthe Driver, Editorial Assistant

According to award-winning reporter, Les Zaitz, at The Oregonian, Sheriff Glenn Palmer makes his own rules in Grant County, Oregon. NOTE:  In the West, there is an old saying to the…

AB  Malheur Fence 1

Oregon Attorney Weighs in on Adverse Possession Claim

According to Oregon Attorney, Mike Arnold (former Ammon Bundy attorney) Adverse Possession is Available Against Department of Interior in Limited Circumstances Remember when Judge Jones said to the Bundys that…

AB Atty Court Drawing 1

A Case in Point Regarding Judicial Transparency (among other things) — Legal Reality Check — by Todd Macfarlane

    OPB recently broke a story about unique developments in the Bundy/Malheur Refuge case that provide several perfect examples of the kind of lack of transparency that I’ve been…

Steer LF 1

The Steer Named LaVoy — Finicum

Alongside steers named Angus, Heifer and Duke, one name stood out at the Douglas County Fair: LaVoy — as in LaVoy Finicum. According to the News-Review, a local Oregon paper,…

Old Bucking Horse 1

Applying a Little Horse Sense to the Situation in Oregon and Throughout the West — Ruminations — by Mancos MacLeod

There was a time in the West when horses were absolutely essential .  The same was true throughout this country, even in the cities.  Horses were the backbone – the…