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Hammonds 2

The Rest of the Hammond Story — the Short Version and the Long Version

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…from The Last Refuge   The short summary is: …


Remembering Hammonds One Year Later — Hammond Benefit Event This Weekend

Some Important Reminders about the Hammonds, including  Trent Loos’ interview with Ammon Bundy from one year ago on Loos Tales and an interesting interview with Susie Hammond about her family’s changing…


Harney County Committee of Safety Marks One Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, the Harney County Committee of Safety was organized for the initial and primary purpose of attempting to help Dwight and Steven Hammond.  A lot has happened…


The Bundy Ranch Story — a Video Series — as told by Ammon Bundy

  The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 1 — a Government Gone Rogue   The Bundy Ranch Story — Part 2 — Liberty’s Sacrifice   The Bundy Story — Part…


Biased Media Fear-mongering Ramps-up to Full Swing

According to “Retired” Oregonian Reporter Les Zaitz, “Ammon Bundy verdict puts federal land agencies on alert.” Note: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, here at RANGEFIRE! we…


Biggest Initial Takeaways from the Oregon Standoff Trial

   #1 – LaVOY FINICUM’S DEATH WAS COMPLETELY UNJUSTIFIED.  May he rest in peace.     Compelling new forensic evidence shows what really happened.  WATCH THE VIDEOS. Based on the Constitutional…


Breaking Developments in the Oregon Standoff Trial

  Scroll-down for Previous Developments. Friday, October 28, 2016: Juror #4 Issues a Statement via The Oregonian/OregonLIve:  Government Failed to Meet Its Burden of Proof.   “It should be known…


The Heart of the Issue: The Fight Over Public Lands

Listen to the OPB Podcast:  The Heart of the Issue — Public Lands. Note: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, here at RANGEFIRE! we have no interest…

Keith Nantz Horseback Right

Ranching in the Spotlight — What Most People Don’t Know — the Growing Disconnect

  According to Oregon rancher, Keith Nantz, here’s what most people don’t understand: The Obama Administration has pushed the Western ranching industry to the brink. The Ammon Bundy-led seizure of…

Isn't That Special 1

Isn’t that Special? — Lessons Learned from the Dakota Access Protests — Off the Reservation — by Redtail Rose

The Wisdom of Leaving the Reservation to Stage a Protest. Among the many slurs about my people is one about “going off the reservation,” that has gotten some attention lately….