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Ammon Ryan LaVoy Right

Oregon Standoff Defendants Argue for Right to Dress Like Cowboys in Court

  According to Maxine Bernstein & the Oregonian/OregonLive, before prospective jurors file into Courtroom 9A in the federal courthouse in downtown Portland Wednesday morning, the judge is expected to rule…

Pete Santilli 1

Breaking News: Pete Santilli Dismissed in Oregon Standoff Case

On the eve of the Oregon Standoff trial, the Internet and social media were abuzz with the news that the Government is dismissing Oregon charges against Journalist/Defendant Pete Santilli. This…

Ammon Bundy FBI Nego 1

Ammon Bundy’s Last Discussions with the FBI — on 1/26/2016, the Day Arrested

  As the Oregon Standoff Trial Approaches, listen to Ammon Bundy’s last discussions and negotiations with the FBI: Ammon also talks about their intentions and what happened the night they…

Justice Scales 1

Ongoing Issues with Judicial Transparency, the Fourth Amendment, and Lengthy Pre-trial Detention — LEGAL REALITY CHECK — by Todd Macfarlane

  The Oregon Standoff cases test the bounds of a number of issues from judicial transparency to Fourth Amendment protections, and lengthy pre-trial detentions. As previously mentioned, the Internet, including…

Welcome New Normal 2

Welcome to the New Normal — a Land of Labels, Distortions, and Misinformation — Seven Realities Nobody Wants to Talk About, Starting with No. 1 — by Todd Macfarlane

Seven Truths about What is Going on in the American West that No One in the Government or Mainstream Media Want to Acknowledge or Talk About – Starting with Reality…

Keith Nantz Horseback Right

Ranching in the Spotlight — What Most People Don’t Know — the Growing Disconnect

  According to Oregon rancher, Keith Nantz, here’s what most people don’t understand: The Obama Administration has pushed the Western ranching industry to the brink. The Ammon Bundy-led seizure of…

Chris Zinda Puzzle 1

Another Side: Social Media Spurred and Ultimately Doomed “Sagebrush Standoffs”? — Repost by Iwusthe Driver, Editorial Assistant

  According to Chris Zinda, what he refers as the ‘Sagebrush-Patriot standoffs’ “would have been far less likely to occur without the anarchy that is social media and the internet….

Tainting Evidence 1

Govt Tries to Present Inadmissible, Tainted Evidence in the Oregon Standoff Trials?

According to OPB, Judge Deals Government Blow Over Facebook Evidence In Refuge Trial According to OPB, it was a rough morning for U.S. attorneys arguing the federal government’s case against Ammon Bundy, Ryan…