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COREY KANOSH, Part 2: the Oh-So Regrettable 9-1-1 Call — PAHVANT COUNTY GRAPEVINE — by Delta Rose

I’m going to to pick up today where I left off last week, talking about the Corey Kanosh story. And as you can probably guess, I’ve got a lot of…

Trouble with a CAPITAL T — by Todd Macfarlane

Several times lately, I have heard County Commission Candidate, Jim Dyer, talk about the concept of¬†summary abatement in the context of application of the new county land-use ordinances. ¬†Although Mr….


Why Did Land-Use Suddenly become such a Hot Topic?

Recent events at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada, clearly demonstrate that land-use issues are a hot topic — and not just in Millard County. People care about their property…