UPDATED Among the other things Millard County Government has come to be known for, transparency is not necessarily one of them.  So it’s hard to know exactly what is going on with this year’s Millard County Republican Primary Election, and most importantly, WHY.  But we often get what we payContinue Reading

  It’s a county election year here in Millard County and it’s interesting to sit back and watch as all the popular buzzwords come out of the woodwork. The primary point of buzzwords is to try to impress and create emotional effect.   Perpetually, the single biggest buzzword in thisContinue Reading

Applying Lessons from the California Gold Rush to the Tech Rush of the 21st Century In Millard County, with IPP’s plans to shut-down the current coal-fired power plant in 2027, and possible replacement with a natural gas-fired power plant (which still needs to be permitted by the EPA, etc), thatContinue Reading

Preface: Millard County’s “new” land-use ordinances started causing major problems right from the outset — with the Deseret Heritage Subdivision at the old Millard County Fairgrounds in Deseret — and they have been causing problems for property owners ever since.  We now have at least four years of history toContinue Reading

  We love our neighbors.  We’re just glad they’re a full section (640 acres = one mile) away. I had been fairly warned.  When we brokered a deal to sell a piece of property adjoining our ranch to some folks from the city, Tammy, the sharp, suburban wife in theContinue Reading

According to the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You. DUE PROCESS is the Golden Rule of Principled Government.  It is one of the most basic, fundamental,  universal concepts of American government, reflected in both the Utah State and U.S. Constitutions, applicable to manyContinue Reading

(First published in February 2017 — The saga/struggle continues.  SEE Due Process & Equal Protection in Millard County — a Case Study) Among other things, basic property rights are a growing point of conflict in the world we live in.  There seems to be a growing number of people whoseContinue Reading

Some interesting discussions have been occurring in recent Millard County Commission Meetings.  It has been very refreshing to see others in Millard County who care enough about issues that are important to them to take time off work, attend county commission meetings, and provide input about relevant issues.  We commendContinue Reading

  Editor’s Note:  This is part 3 of a three part series about Corey Kanosh.  It is recommended that you read the other two parts first, in order, prior to reading this one.  For Part 1, CLICK HERE.  For Part 2, CLICK HERE. The comments to my last column haveContinue Reading