Choices have been made along the Verde River in Arizona — Read the Whole Story here >>>  Real Environmentalist RA 8.2016 (1) — Words and Images by Dan Dagget / RANGE magazine, Fall Issue, 2016   Read >>> Real Environmentalist RA 8.2016 (1)Continue Reading

  The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will conduct an emergency roundup of wild horses causing public safety concerns along State Route 21 (running from Milford to Garrison) in Utah’s western desert. About 100 horses will be removed from the range near the Sulphur Herd Management Area becauseContinue Reading

Greetings, I downloaded and began reading the report entitled “An Analysis of A Transfer of Federal Lands to the State of Utah“, dated November 2014. As a consulting Professional Civil Engineer with years of experience working with private landowners on the health of their forests, and a trained wildfire behaviorContinue Reading