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Cowboy Express to Go Nation-wide

Cliven Bundy isn’t the only rancher having serious issues with the BLM. As originally published in the Elko Daily Free Press, cowboys and ranchers across the West are supporting other ranchers…

Wild Horse Feedlot 2

Wild Horse Battles Heat-up — from the Elko Daily Press

According to an article in the Elko Daily Press (http://elkodaily.com/news/blm-files-motion-to-dismiss-wild-horse-lawsuit/article_8c5d71aa-fcd1-11e3-b1e4-0019bb2963f4.html), the federal government is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the BLM’s management of wild horses.   This is an issue…

Trouble with a CAPITAL T — by Todd Macfarlane

Several times lately, I have heard County Commission Candidate, Jim Dyer, talk about the concept of summary abatement in the context of application of the new county land-use ordinances.  Although Mr….


Public Lands Debate

On Wednesday, May 14th, the Salt Lake Tribune hosted a well-attended public debate at the Salt Lake City Library, pitting Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart and Representative Ken Ivory against…


Why Did Land-Use Suddenly become such a Hot Topic?

Recent events at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada, clearly demonstrate that land-use issues are a hot topic — and not just in Millard County. People care about their property…