Preface: Millard County’s “new” land-use ordinances started causing major problems right from the outset — with the Deseret Heritage Subdivision at the old Millard County Fairgrounds in Deseret — and they have been causing problems for property owners ever since.  We now have at least four years of history toContinue Reading

Editor’s Note:  It seems that most people, especially outside Oregon, know little about what is going on in Harney County, let alone all the back stories.  Certainly the biggest back story relevant to the current so-called “standoff” at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, in Harney County, is theContinue Reading

“[T]he federal government…became the  monopolizer of vacant lands in the West: and this monopoly, like all monopolies, resulted in hardships to those upon whom it acted.” Which famous U.S. senator successfully made this argument to compel the federal government to transfer title to the vast stretches of federally controlled landContinue Reading

SALT LAKE CITY — Public lands in eastern Utah are at a crossroads. Ahead lies a field of options that range from oil and gas development to wilderness designation, the highest level of land preservation afforded by U.S. law. Just weeks ago, similar situations existed for lands in Idaho andContinue Reading

  In 2012, an excellent article by Robert H. Nelson was published by Policy Review, a publication of the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. This article clearly sets forth the predicament we find our public lands in, how it got here and what he feels must be done to remedy thisContinue Reading

According to recent reports, nine states have taken action to pass laws rejecting Agenda 21 and its influence within their borders.  Not surprisingly, Oklahoma, a bastian of conservatism, has led the charge. The Oklahoma State legislature recently passed HB 2807, the Oklahoma Community Protection Act (OCPA), in order to shieldContinue Reading

This week, the State of Utah has released its economic study regarding the proposed transfer of public lands. This is just in from the American Lands Council: For years, opponents of the Transfer of Public Lands Act have been trying to claim that the states can’t afford to manage theirContinue Reading

  This past week, we’ve been reminded of one of the biggest reasons we moved to Millard County — FREEDOM. Prior to our move to Kanosh  over 10 years ago, we had lived in Kanab for over 10 years, mixed with a shorter 3 year stint in Cedar City. WhenContinue Reading

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes says the state has a “monumental” fight on its hands in the public lands war with the federal government. In an article originally published on (, Sean Reyes outlines his view of where things stand. SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Attorney General Sean ReyesContinue Reading

The Pahvant Post and people associated with it are catching flack for rocking the boat in a variety of ways in Millard County.  This whole thing started out based on concerns about county land-use regulation issues.  On a similar front other individuals in Utah, including State Rep. Ken Ivory, andContinue Reading