Although Lawyers are supposed to be golfers, because I didn’t do much golfing once I got to Kanab, I didn’t meet many people, including potential clients, on the golf course, and that’s not how I met Kenneth McCoy. McCoy was a self-described rancher.  And given my early naïveté and resurrectedContinue Reading

  Lawyers who are highly productive financially are known as Rainmakers. In the good ol’ days, a typical country lawyer might have just sat around his office reading the paper, taking a case or two here and there, whatever came along, without too much stress or unreasonably high financial expectations.Continue Reading

  This past week, we’ve been reminded of one of the biggest reasons we moved to Millard County — FREEDOM. Prior to our move to Kanosh  over 10 years ago, we had lived in Kanab for over 10 years, mixed with a shorter 3 year stint in Cedar City. WhenContinue Reading