OPINION Northern Ag Net If passed, the Working Animal Protection Act  would disallow an outright ban on any legal animal enterprise related to working animals. The purpose and goal of the Working Animal Protection Act  is to slow down the animal rights extremists’ agenda and steamroller by preventing an outright ban of legitimate, legal  businesses utilizing working animalsContinue Reading

Originally posted by Protect the Harvest Farm Bill Ends the Debate – Horses are Livestock Last week, the Farm Bill was passed through both chambers of Congress and was signed by President Donald Trump. While the bill focuses largely on conservation, nutrition, and commodities titles, a “Miscellaneous” title in theContinue Reading

“I pushed open the gate and all at once saw dead horses. I counted 7! I gave Dad the signal and he shook his head in disbelief! That’s crazy! Horses don’t just die that easy! As he worked to get hay I went for a walk through that lot. I’llContinue Reading

  RANGE magazine has been raising a fuss and a ruckus in favor of ranchers for over 25 years.  Part of RANGE’s mission is to Address Issues Facing the West, and tell the otherwise untold stories of The Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback.   For fresh, bold, new information, RANGE magazineContinue Reading

There was a time in the West when horses were absolutely essential .  The same was true throughout this country, even in the cities.  Horses were the backbone – the primary source of transportation and agricultural power.  Horses are still an important part of the culture of the West.  InContinue Reading