Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published in 2016.  We are re-publishing it now, along with another, in memory of Dr. Angus McIntosh. Somehow I lucked into being able to tagging along with Dr. Angus McIntosh on his four stop Western Rangelands Property Rights  workshop tour through three countiesContinue Reading

Anna Miller, Western Livestock Journal Utah Forest Service sued for cattle grazing permits Do we have another Bundy 2.0 case on our hands? Environmental groups seems to think so if a recent lawsuit is any indication. Western Watersheds Project (WWP) filed litigation against the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) in theContinue Reading

by GREG WALCHER on NOVEMBER 8, 2019 What if someone said they planned to burn down your house, but it’s for your own good? They need to study how houses burn, so they can build better computer models to predict future home fires. In the future, therefore, that might help you. Asinine asContinue Reading

From Senator Mike Lee’s Website  See Also Senator Lee Goes After Forest Service & BLM Law Enforcement Authority As the primary election season in Utah heats up, a common fixture on the sides of Utah’s roads are the various signs from political campaigns. In each county you are likely toContinue Reading

First published on ksl.com. SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, wants to rein in the law enforcement authority of the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service and is crafting legislation he says will either restrict or abolish their authority. Lee said Monday he aims to hemContinue Reading

  According to the Oregonian, POOR PLANNING AND TACTICAL ERRORS FUELED A WILDFIRE CATASTROPHE The Malheur National Forest was on red alert. Weather forecasters were calling for abundant lightning and strong, gusty winds. Months of drought and record-breaking summer temperatures had left the eastern Oregon forest tinder dry. Conditions wereContinue Reading

  According to this Article in St. George News, If Congressman Chris Stewart has his way the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management could someday lose their law enforcement functions. Stewart was one of the co-sponsors of the bill proposing the Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act of 2016 that,Continue Reading

Announcing the first ever, national organization for range or grazing AllotmentOwners that is wholly run by Allotment Owners. The first ever national organization for range or grazing Allotment Owners that is wholly run byAllotment Owners has been formed as the: Range Allotment Owners (RAO) National Grazing-lands Education Association. In aContinue Reading

Editor’s Note:  It seems that most people, especially outside Oregon, know little about what is going on in Harney County, let alone all the back stories.  Certainly the biggest back story relevant to the current so-called “standoff” at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, in Harney County, is theContinue Reading

  One would ask why the Federal Government is doing such things. However, lets not ask why for the moment and just address the fact that they are. In recent years as well as this year,, there have been several examples where the Federal government has attempted to circumvent longContinue Reading