With the untimely and tragic passing of Marcus Mumford, RANGEFIRE! is posting this tribute to him written in 2018 by attorney, rancher and author, Todd Macfarlane. Marcus was Ammon Bundy’s lawyer, and became well-known across the west for his role as the rancher’s defender, and made national headlines when heContinue Reading

NOTE: This article was first published in Range magazine, and earned an award from the Nevada Press Association.  PAYING THE PRICE At approximately 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2017, after a six-week trial and week-long deliberations, the federal jury in the Oregon Standoff Trial returned a unanimous verdict ofContinue Reading

Oregon Standoff “Discovery” Makes Interesting Revelations The time of surprises in criminal trials is now supposed to be a thing of the past.  Unlike legal drama movies and TV series from Matlock and Perry Mason to Drop Dead Diva, in modern criminal cases, based on applicable rules of criminal procedure,Continue Reading

The only thing that makes a conspiracy illegal is an unlawful purpose or objective. Bearing the whole judicial transparency issue in mind, in this piece I’m going to follow-up on some previous thoughts.  In one of my previous columns, I had mentioned that with the degree of electronic surveillance that isContinue Reading

    Maggie McLetchie, the lawyer representing the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other news media filed court papers Monday accusing the government of trying to “stifle” free speech in the criminal case stemming from the Bunkerville standoff, according to Jeff German, writing for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. McLetchie argues thatContinue Reading