By Edward Ring Originally published by American Greatness in September, 2020 Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forests The catastrophic fires that have immolated millions of acres of forests in the Golden State were preventable, and for decades, everyone knew what had to be done. Millions of acres of California forest have beenContinue Reading

FIRST, PUT OUT THE FIRE! From Jim Petersen’s press release First, Put Out the Fire! traces the social, cultural, historic, economic, environmental and regulatory roots of the wildfire pandemic that is sweeping through western national forests. Writer James D. Petersen’s gripping story draws on his 34 years as the drivingContinue Reading

It Means What It Says by GREG WALCHER on SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 Leaders are often advised to be straightforward. “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” The quote is often attributed to General George Patton, or sometimes to President Harry Truman. There is no evidence either of them ever said it,Continue Reading

As posted by Protect the Harvest WESTERN WATERSHEDS PROJECT: WELFARE ENVIRONMENTALISTS Western Watersheds Project litigates at taxpayer expense and threatens rural economies Founder with True Contempt for CattleWestern Watersheds Project (WWP) began as Idaho Watersheds Project (IWP) in 1993. Its founder, Jon Marvel, who was raised in the East, beganContinue Reading