What’s more, if you remove these Democrat-run cities from our national statistics, you will find an America that is overwhelmingly peaceful, safe, clean, and racially tolerant. Nevertheless, Democrats and their fake-media allies still blame Republicans for all of their problems. John Nolte for Breitbart If I had to boil down theContinue Reading

Will “Fly-Over Country” Have a Voice to Protect Private Property Rights under the Endangered Species Act?  Opinion by: Karen Budd Falen Budd Falen Law Office, LLC The proceedings in a distant courthouse in Hawaii might not normally be the central focus of most private property owners, but recent actions atContinue Reading

Drovers News Source American Beef Is A Climate Change Solution, Rancher Says South Dakota cattle producer Todd Wilkinson told a U.S. Senate subcommittee that contrary to the claims of some environmental and anti-animal-agriculture activists, “American beef production and consumption is a climate change solution.” “Climate policies that unfairly target cattleContinue Reading

Dan Murphy: In Praise of The Range by Dan Murphy Drovers The one aspect of our global ecosystem that’s consistently, ignored, abused and neglected is the Earth’s rangelands. For the sake of animal agriculture — and the health of the planet — that needs to change. Here’s a fun littleContinue Reading

Horses have a greater impact on rangeland vegetation than other ungulates because of their anatomy and foraging habits. Horses can consume 1.25 times the amount of forage than a cow of equivalent mass.  Reposted from Free Range Report. Myths and Facts 1. Myth Equids evolved in the United States; thereforeContinue Reading

  In one of the most insightful comments on election night, Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press pointed out that rural Americans had won this race, the people who feel forgotten—he added in a direct comment to Lester Holt “we’re even guilty of that when we refer to themContinue Reading

  Old damage to trout habitat is being fixed by dedicated land-and-water stewards, but seldom is heard an encouraging word from so-called “Environmentalists.” Green Ranching Article Reposted from Fly Rod & Reel, by Ted Williams Photographs by Greg Thomas No land use in the West has been more hurtful to fishContinue Reading

According to Energy & Environment Publishing’s Greenwire News, the trial of leaders of the armed standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge represents a make-or-break moment in efforts to quash the anti-public-lands movement in the West. Note: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, here at RANGEFIRE! we have noContinue Reading

Note:  This is the final part of a multi-part series about Seven Realities in the West that the Federal Government and the Mainstream Media don’t seem to want to acknowledge or talk about.  When the series is complete, we will combine it all in one piece. The seventh and finalContinue Reading