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Experts Weigh-in on MNWR Title and Jurisdiction Issues

  Federal Land Settlement Policy in The Western United States With Emphasis on Federal Acquisition and Disposal of Land in The Malheur Lake Area of Harney County, Oregon Angus P McIntosh, PhD, Director…


Oregon Standoff Trial — Serious Questions of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

For “live” regular commentary and coverage of the Oregon Standoff Trial, follow this LINK. Over the course of the last few days, one of the most fundamental issues in the…


Critical Questions of Jurisdiction, Discovery, Labels, Discrimination & Choosing a Jury — Welcome to Federal Court — Legal Reality Check — by Todd Macfarlane

Oregon Standoff “Discovery” Makes Interesting Revelations The time of surprises in criminal trials is now supposed to be a thing of the past.  Unlike legal drama movies and TV series…

Ammon Bundy FBI Nego 1

Ammon Bundy’s Last Discussions with the FBI — on 1/26/2016, the Day Arrested

  As the Oregon Standoff Trial Approaches, listen to Ammon Bundy’s last discussions and negotiations with the FBI: Ammon also talks about their intentions and what happened the night they…

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Are the Federal Courts Trampling the First Amendment in the Bundy Cases?

    Maggie McLetchie, the lawyer representing the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other news media filed court papers Monday accusing the government of trying to “stifle” free speech in the…

Tainting Evidence 1

Govt Tries to Present Inadmissible, Tainted Evidence in the Oregon Standoff Trials?

According to OPB, Judge Deals Government Blow Over Facebook Evidence In Refuge Trial According to OPB, it was a rough morning for U.S. attorneys arguing the federal government’s case against Ammon Bundy, Ryan…

Isn't That Special 1

Isn’t that Special? — Lessons Learned from the Dakota Access Protests — Off the Reservation — by Redtail Rose

The Wisdom of Leaving the Reservation to Stage a Protest. Among the many slurs about my people is one about “going off the reservation,” that has gotten some attention lately….

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Oregon Attorney Weighs in on Adverse Possession Claim

According to Oregon Attorney, Mike Arnold (former Ammon Bundy attorney) Adverse Possession is Available Against Department of Interior in Limited Circumstances Remember when Judge Jones said to the Bundys that…

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A Case in Point Regarding Judicial Transparency (among other things) — Legal Reality Check — by Todd Macfarlane

    OPB recently broke a story about unique developments in the Bundy/Malheur Refuge case that provide several perfect examples of the kind of lack of transparency that I’ve been…

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OTHER SIDE: According to Raw Story: “Utah Ranchers Vow to Continue Bundy War”?

According to Raw Story, “Utah ranchers vow to continue Bundy war against feds despite arrests of Oregon militants.” — THE PROBLEM IS, THAT’S NOT WHAT THE RANCHERS SAID OR DID ….