Amy Joi O’Donoghue for the Deseret News Interior approves final management plans for Bears Ears, Grand Staircase SALT LAKE CITY — The U.S. Department of Interior approved final management plans for the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante areas on Thursday, a move critics say will open former monument lands toContinue Reading

  In the week before Christmas, the Bears Ears Monument debate has reached feaver pitch.  Many are concerned that President Obama will ignore congress, ignore local sentiments, and create one last “midnight monument” as he leaves office, leaving lots of questions and a big mess in the wake of suchContinue Reading

The proposal to make Bears Ears a national monument has created divisions throughout the state of Utah. But in San Juan County, residents of all backgrounds are taking a stand to oppose the monument designation. While support for a monument has received national media coverage, residents in small towns including Blanding,Continue Reading

  Free Range Report Editorial Staff — Reposted from Free Range Report During his terms, President Obama has used the Antiquities Act to create over 25 new national monuments, gobbling up nearly 300 million acres of land, with minimal input from citizens and no congressional oversight. But San Juan County,Continue Reading

The national head of the Bureau of Land Management testified Wednesday before a congressional committee in Washington, DC, that his agency could not support a massive public lands bill for Utah because of how it handles energy development on federal lands and its multiple land trades. Neil Kornze said before aContinue Reading

  Why Little Western Towns Don’t Want to Become ‘Another Moab’ Despite its tourist boom, the town that mining, parks, and mountain biking built is straining to get by.  — by John Kovash Conservationists in Moab, Utah, have been heartened by the strong statewide and national support for the proposed BearsContinue Reading

According to a recent Op/Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, new poll shows that the majority of Utahns oppose the president naming Bears Ears region as a new national monument. Coincidence that this statement rings opposite as the statement published in the Salt Lake Tribune on August 11? The new surveyContinue Reading

Note: Much has already been written and said about the tactics, inclduing efforts to transport “outsiders” into San Juan County to stack the deck in the recent public hearings regarding the proposed monument designation.  But obviuosly that was just the start. Senator Dabakis Silences hundreds of San Juan County Citizens —Continue Reading

SALT LAKE CITY — Public lands in eastern Utah are at a crossroads. Ahead lies a field of options that range from oil and gas development to wilderness designation, the highest level of land preservation afforded by U.S. law. Just weeks ago, similar situations existed for lands in Idaho andContinue Reading

  THE BEARS EARS, San Juan County — Several top federal officials from Washington quietly attended a so-called “Gathering of the Tribes” put on last weekend by environmental groups and a very small, select group of Native Americans in southeastern Utah, their presence made known only to a chosen fewContinue Reading