screen shot from border rancher video

“We’ve had 14 dead bodies on the ranch that I know of,” Ladd says. “That was a game-changer for me, when I found the first dead illegal. And now it’s still disheartening to find somebody, but that’s the way it is.” Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, DownedContinue Reading

MEXICAN GRAY WOLF LIVESTOCK KILLS ARE RISING RAPIDLY IN ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO Kenneth Artz Heartland Institute July 8, 2019 Endangered Mexican gray wolves, reintroduced by the federal government to parts of the Southwestern United States, have killed nearly as many cows and calves in the first four months ofContinue Reading

Choices have been made along the Verde River in Arizona — Read the Whole Story here >>>  Real Environmentalist RA 8.2016 (1) — Words and Images by Dan Dagget / RANGE magazine, Fall Issue, 2016   Read >>> Real Environmentalist RA 8.2016 (1)Continue Reading

Editors Note:  This tale should be instructive to local governments in rural Utah, many of which have sat on their hands and resources for years, making no plans and doing little to fulfill their stewardship and proactively shepherd precious water resources, or prepare for the future — following California’s leadContinue Reading