Biden’s “30 By 30 Plan” – a Slap at American Private Property Rights Opinion by Karen Budd-Falen All of rural America and anyone who believes that local control of resources and that the American farmer and rancher is the backbone of this country should be alarmed at the notion thatContinue Reading

By Marianne Goodland Colorado Politics Coalition fights back against ballot measure that seeks to limit standard livestock husbandry practices A coalition of agriculture supporters are fighting back against a ballot measure that they say will criminalize commonly-accepted veterinary and animal care practices in Colorado. The ballot measure, filed on Feb. 22Continue Reading

GREG HENDERSON FOR DROVERS Final results show California voters rejected Proposition 15, a decision celebrated as a victory by a broad array of industry and agriculture groups. The ballot measure was defeated by a margin of more than 650,000 votes (52% No – 48% Yes). Proposition 15 threatened voter-approved taxContinue Reading

Three California high school students pursuing careers in agriculture were recognized with scholarships from The North Valley Chapter of the California Women for Agriculture (CWA) and the California State University, Chico College of Agriculture. Displaying true grit, stamina and determination, these young women speak about overcoming adversity, and the passionsContinue Reading

Farm Journal’s MILK Jim Dickrell A team of scientists from John Hopkins University claims switching to all vegan-diets across the globe would reduce the per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of food production by 70%. Going to just one meatless day per week would cut the average American’s greenhouse gasContinue Reading

OPINION Northern Ag Net If passed, the Working Animal Protection Act  would disallow an outright ban on any legal animal enterprise related to working animals. The purpose and goal of the Working Animal Protection Act  is to slow down the animal rights extremists’ agenda and steamroller by preventing an outright ban of legitimate, legal  businesses utilizing working animalsContinue Reading

First published as an Op/Ed in the New York Times Amid a five-year farm recession, continuing woes for small dairy farmers and a trade war with China, a lot is riding on this year’s Farm Bill. But the version Congress approved this week and that President Trump is expected to sign could make a bad situation worse. TheContinue Reading

(First published in February 2017 — The saga/struggle continues.  SEE Due Process & Equal Protection in Millard County — a Case Study) Among other things, basic property rights are a growing point of conflict in the world we live in.  There seems to be a growing number of people whoseContinue Reading

  Mr. Trump, please let me begin by saying how excited those of us are who proudly call Rural America home. We want to say Thank You. You stood tall for the very values and principles the founding fathers put forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.Continue Reading

  What would happen if the United States Repealed its Agricultural Subsidies?  You might be surprised.  Reposted from The Daily Signal In 2006, Chris Hausman, a fourth-generation Midwestern farmer long accustomed to depending on government support for survival, traveled across the world to witness a revolution in agriculture. It hadContinue Reading