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Dispelling Relevant Popular Misconceptions – Adverse Possession, Seeking Redress of Grievances, etc.

The Oregon Standoff Trial has brought several confusing and often-misunderstood concepts into focus. These concepts include Seeking Redress of Grievances, Adverse Possession, Prior Appropriation & Beneficial Use, etc.  Based on…


Anatomy of a Conspiracy — Legal Reality Check — by Todd Macfarlane

The only thing that makes a conspiracy illegal is an unlawful purpose or objective. Bearing the whole judicial transparency issue in mind, in this piece I’m going to follow-up on…

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Oregon Attorney Weighs in on Adverse Possession Claim

According to Oregon Attorney, Mike Arnold (former Ammon Bundy attorney) Adverse Possession is Available Against Department of Interior in Limited Circumstances Remember when Judge Jones said to the Bundys that…