Increasing Governmental Heavy-handedness — Reminiscences of the San Juan County Antiquities Raid, and Bunkerville Standoff

This story provides an opportunity to follow the recent bread crumbs regarding the fight for liberty, the current status of fundamental rights in the United States, and increasing governmental heavy-handedness. …

Wild Horses: The unfolding ecological disaster

Film produced for the Wildlife Society by Charles Post, Phillip Baribeau, and Ben Masters. Introduction by RANGE magazine The following short documentary, Horse Rich & Dirt Poor, is a picturesque…

Protected: Letter to the Editor: Political Incest, Corruption, and Cover-ups in Small Town Government?

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Importance of Accountability in Local Government

— What you need to ensure an ethical, accountable local government. First posted at PowerDMS. Accountability is an important part of any organization, but it’s especially important in local government….

A Shepherd’s Heart — Attempting to Explain Ole Lindgren

First publish in Range magazine. Although it would take at least a full book to examine the life and times of Ole Lindgren, and explain what makes him tick, a…

DUE PROCESS & FUNDAMENTAL FAIRNESS — the Golden Rules of Principled Government

According to the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You. DUE PROCESS is the Golden Rule of Principled Government.  It is one of the…

Can Cows Save the Planet? — Guest Editorial — by Trent Loos

  Reposted from High Plains Journal Why do people outside of the farming community continue to lie about our industry? They romanticize and talk about loving the small family farmer,…

Protected: Letter to the Editor: Investigative Reporting and Millard County Politics

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Protected: LaVoy Finicum: Status Report Three Years Later

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