The 2020 sheep shearing season turned out to be quite an adventure – more for some than others. Background Although I come from a sheep ranching family, and have been quite active in the sheep industry myself for the past 10 years or so, it wasn’t until just the pastContinue Reading

First published in Range Magazine.  What are the biggest keys to success?  In Stanton Gleave’s case, stubbornness and bullheadedness, sometimes referred to as patience, persistence and perseverance. Stanton Gleave presides over a sprawling family sheep and cattle ranching operation headquartered in remote Piute County, Utah – which some have suggestedContinue Reading

According to the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You. DUE PROCESS is the Golden Rule of Principled Government.  It is one of the most basic, fundamental,  universal concepts of American government, reflected in both the Utah State and U.S. Constitutions, applicable to manyContinue Reading

Right now the Second Amendment is viewed as toxic in many quarters, and politically incorrect to even mention. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Iron County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Cedar City.  It was a grand event, at which both Mitt Romney andContinue Reading

  RANGEFIRE! is your source for “live” commentary and coverage of the Oregon Standoff Trial. At RANGEFIRE! we recognize that there are multiple sides to every story. For contrasting MSM perspectives and reporting, you can also follow Maxine Bernstein for OregonLive, and Conrad Wilson for Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).  Or,Continue Reading

RECAP: Week One in a Nutshell After spending a week observing the Oregon Standoff Trial, and producing short video clips summarizing what is happening, I’m not going to attempt to summarize or recap the first week of trial in a video clip.  If you want to hear a partial recapContinue Reading

  What If You’re Viewed as the Red-Headed Step Child? Have you ever watched the movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore? It depicts Barrymore in a Cinderella role, as the French maiden, Danielle de Barbarac, who is treated very poorly by her step-mother.  But in real life, for many stepchildren,Continue Reading

Oregon Standoff “Discovery” Makes Interesting Revelations The time of surprises in criminal trials is now supposed to be a thing of the past.  Unlike legal drama movies and TV series from Matlock and Perry Mason to Drop Dead Diva, in modern criminal cases, based on applicable rules of criminal procedure,Continue Reading

The only thing that makes a conspiracy illegal is an unlawful purpose or objective. Bearing the whole judicial transparency issue in mind, in this piece I’m going to follow-up on some previous thoughts.  In one of my previous columns, I had mentioned that with the degree of electronic surveillance that isContinue Reading