“…the fever tick is another problem caused by illegal immigration, because some of the migrants unknowingly carry the tick, which then gets dropped onto the properties they trespass on.” Fed-Up Farmers Say Enough, Demand Biden Pay for Property Damage Done by Illegal Aliens By Jacob Gurney for Western Journal TexasContinue Reading

Do gooders Mad Jack Hanks Gentle readers, last evening I watched as Tucker Carlson (Fox News) interviewed a woman who by her account was an expert on wild horses. NADA! No, she was a bleeding heart liberal who wanted to show the world how necessary it is for us toContinue Reading

Biden’s “30 By 30 Plan” – a Slap at American Private Property Rights Opinion by Karen Budd-Falen All of rural America and anyone who believes that local control of resources and that the American farmer and rancher is the backbone of this country should be alarmed at the notion thatContinue Reading

REPOSTED WITH PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR Ed Bandel District 8 Director, Montana Farm Bureau Federation  Proposed heritage area poses threat to private land ownership  First of all, I would like to thank President McPherson for the opportunity to take over his column this issue. He has seen the importance ofContinue Reading

Protect the Harvest STORM ON THE PRAIRIE: AMERICAN PRAIRIE RESERVE TRIES TO ‘BUFFALO’ RURAL MONTANA American Prairie Reserve Threatens Ranching in The West Seeks To Create Largest Natural Reserve in United States The American Prairie Reserve began in 2001 as the Prairie Foundation, created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Continue Reading

Leo Hohmann leohomann.com Globalists’ America-last agenda focused on crushing the middle class: Here’s how to stop it Two things occurred this week that should have your attention. And, no, one of them is not the cartoonish second impeachment trial of a former president. Don’t let the media lure you into this drama. AsContinue Reading

From an August 20, 2020 email To all Rural Americans from POINT BARROW, Alaska to CAPE SABLE, Florida & from EASTPORT, Maine to THE LOWER OTAY RESERVOIR, California This is AN Emergency Alert about your future and the future of your children and their children’s children. There are less thanContinue Reading

Sacramento Bee California: President Trump Signed Order Allowing Water to Flow to Farmers Instead of the Pacific Ocean. Governor Newsom Sues Trump. California sued the Trump administration on Thursday to block new rules that would let farmers take more water from the state’s largest river systems, arguing it would pushContinue Reading

Published by Greely Tribune in behalf of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Bill Hammerich: Colorado Governor starts food fight with farmers and ranchers Agriculture is a significant contributor to Colorado’s economy, generating more than $40 billion in economic activity annually and supporting more than 170,000 jobs. Jobs in transportation, retail sales,Continue Reading

PETA Tries Capitalizing on Cattle Flooding Deaths with Billboards by Wyatt Bechtel as originally published by Drovers A billboard from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) doesn’t appear to be meeting the animal rights group’s goals of pushing people to a vegan diet after being installed in KansasContinue Reading