WOLF NECROPSY Introduction by Editor This compelling video begins with the necropsy of a cow killed by wolves. Filled with facts about the impact of swelling wolf populations in Mountain West states, this video is both alarming, and an excellent resource for educating those who have been misled to believeContinue Reading

screen shot from border rancher video

“We’ve had 14 dead bodies on the ranch that I know of,” Ladd says. “That was a game-changer for me, when I found the first dead illegal. And now it’s still disheartening to find somebody, but that’s the way it is.” Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, DownedContinue Reading

The Will Rogers Medallion Awards honored publisher C.J. Hadley and RANGE magazine with gold in 2020, but due to COVID restrictions, the awards event was delayed until 6, 2021. RANGE publications have an impressive history of wins at the WRMA awards. Winning entries for 2020 and prior years follow: “TalesContinue Reading

RANGE magazine is offering incredible prices on our most beautiful and beloved books. If these are not in your collections, now is a great time to buy. If you already have them, they make wonderful gifts for any occasion. “Brushstrokes & Balladeers: Painters and poets of the American West” Reg.Continue Reading

Judges for the 2020 Nevada Press Association “Better Newspapers and Magazines” contest have awarded Second Place for General Online Excellence to RANGE magazine’s associated website, Rangemagazine.com. Although judges’ comments were mixed, with some praising the website’s simplicity and user-friendly format, and others critical of the static graphic design, we seeContinue Reading

To take advantage of this amazing offer, SUBSCRIBE NOW! 1-800-RANGE-4-U RANGE magazine has a lot in common with the good folks whose stories we tell. We’re all about western ranching and the American cowboy, we work hard, live simply, and take care of the people who are most important toContinue Reading

To Live In Fear Is Our New Normal, and It Looks a Lot Like Communist China by Beth Ann Schoeneberg Common Sense Conversations Radio Since the beginning, I’ve been listening to and following the rhetoric of all the dos and don’ts and the don’ts and dos of our China-virus, COVID-19Continue Reading

RANGE magazine is famous for its annual Real Buckaroo Calendar which features stunning photographs of real ranchers working on the open range. With breathtaking natural backdrops, lots of action, and critters of all kinds, the Real Buckaroo Calendar is a must-have for cowboys and cowgirls everywhere. 2021 may seem farContinue Reading

FIRST, PUT OUT THE FIRE! From Jim Petersen’s press release First, Put Out the Fire! traces the social, cultural, historic, economic, environmental and regulatory roots of the wildfire pandemic that is sweeping through western national forests. Writer James D. Petersen’s gripping story draws on his 34 years as the drivingContinue Reading

On Saturday, September 21, the Nevada Press Association (NPA) hosted their annual conference in Ely. For her tremendous accomplishments in Nevada print media, including her work with Silver & Blue, the magazine for the University of Nevada, Nevada Magazine, and RANGE magazine, publisher Caroline Joy (C.J.) Hadley, was inducted intoContinue Reading