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Rogue Pinto Stallion 2

Speaking of Juries: Welcome to the Neighborhood — of Sharp Knives and Rogue Stallions — Range Wars & Legal Tales — by Mancos MacLeod

  To what extent are juries a reliable measuring stick of our society’s fundamental connection to reality? I had been looking forward to observing this jury trial to help resolve…

Gate Etiquette 2

The Code of Rural Gate Etiquette — Range Wars & Legal Tales — by Mancos MacLeod

  In the West, there is the well-known saying that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”  But regardless of the condition of a fence, it doesn’t do much good if someone…

Sheep Herder Donkey 1

Old War Horses — by Mancos MacLeod

  I grew up and have lived my whole life in the American West.  In the culture and generation that I grew up in, we had a term for the…