The U.S. government has inflicted 40 years of abuse on Nevada’s Hage family. By Ramona Hage Morrison Originally published in the RANGE magazine, Summer 2018 Edition Recently the Wall Street Journal carried a front-page feature by Jim Carlton highlighting my family, the Hages. It attempted to cover the plight ofContinue Reading

Preface:  Before reading this piece, you might want to read Cow Lawyer. Kenneth McCoy’s estate planning wasn’t finished yet, and; the Hepworth/pasture lease litigation was far from over, when McCoy had received something else he wanted to discuss — a summons in another case.  This was a criminal matter.  HeContinue Reading

I’ve been around horses and horse trading essentially my whole life.  (See Memories of Jack Walther).  And believe it or not, valuable life lessons can be learned from horse trading. At this point, after a market crash, followed by a significant multi-year slump, the horse market seems to have rebounded,Continue Reading

NOTE:   This story was first posted on Rangefire in August, 2016, shortly after the trial.  It is being re-posted now because oral arguments in the resulting appellate case the story is based on are scheduled to be presented to the Utah Court of Appeals on Thursday, October 18, 2018, 11:30Continue Reading

  In the West, there is the well-known saying that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”  But regardless of the condition of a fence, it doesn’t do much good if someone doesn’t close the gate.  The Code of Rural Gate Etiquette is really more a matter of ethics. This piece exploresContinue Reading