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Monty W 2

HORSE SENSE: Talk is Cheap; Show Me; Don’t Tell Me — Life Lessons Learned from Horse Trading — by Mancos MacLeod

I’ve been around horses and horse trading essentially my whole life.  (See Memories of Jack Walther).  And believe it or not, valuable life lessons can be learned from horse trading….

Rogue Pinto Stallion 2

Speaking of Juries: Welcome to the Neighborhood — of Sharp Knives and Rogue Stallions — Range Wars & Legal Tales — by Mancos MacLeod

  To what extent are juries a reliable measuring stick of our society’s fundamental connection to reality? I had been looking forward to observing this jury trial to help resolve…

Gate Etiquette 2

The Code of Rural Gate Etiquette — Range Wars & Legal Tales — by Mancos MacLeod

  In the West, there is the well-known saying that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”  But regardless of the condition of a fence, it doesn’t do much good if someone…

Sheep Herder Donkey 1

Old War Horses — by Mancos MacLeod

  I grew up and have lived my whole life in the American West.  In the culture and generation that I grew up in, we had a term for the…