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Due Process & Equal Protection in Millard County — a Case Study — by Todd Macfarlane

For most people, it seems, the concepts and principles of “Equal Protection” and “Due Process” seem somewhat hazy.  What do they even mean? Most of the time stories of unlawful…

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Stanton Gleave and the Piute Posse — by Todd Macfarlane

First published in Range Magazine.  What are the biggest keys to success?  In Stanton Gleave’s case, stubbornness and bullheadedness, sometimes referred to as patience, persistence and perseverance. Stanton Gleave presides…

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Our “Navajo” Style Grazing Operation — by Todd Macfarlane

First published in Stockman Grass Farmer 2011 Our “Navajo” Style Grazing Operation  A few years ago, about the same time we started subscribing to Stockman Grass Farmer, we began trying…