Continued . . . .  Most often, criminal defense attorneys use a preliminary hearing primarily for discovery purposes, to hear the prosecution’s case; to assist in their own preparation for trial. The “probable cause” standard of proof in a preliminary hearing is rather low and relatively easy for the prosecutionContinue Reading

Preface:  Before reading this piece, you might want to read Cow Lawyer. Kenneth McCoy’s estate planning wasn’t finished yet, and; the Hepworth/pasture lease litigation was far from over, when McCoy had received something else he wanted to discuss — a summons in another case.  This was a criminal matter.  HeContinue Reading

Although Lawyers are supposed to be golfers, because I didn’t do much golfing once I got to Kanab, I didn’t meet many people, including potential clients, on the golf course, and that’s not how I met Kenneth McCoy. McCoy was a self-described rancher.  And given my early naïveté and resurrectedContinue Reading

  Lawyers who are highly productive financially are known as Rainmakers. In the good ol’ days, a typical country lawyer might have just sat around his office reading the paper, taking a case or two here and there, whatever came along, without too much stress or unreasonably high financial expectations.Continue Reading