Thanks to early adoption of innovative grazing practices combined with advances in cattle breeding and nutrition, U.S. producers have already employed many of the suggested practices that the study suggests employing around the world. STUDY CONFIRMS US BEEF INDUSTRY IS THE MOST SUSTAINABLE IN THE WORLD Northern Ag Network WASHINGTONContinue Reading

By Charles Wallace Western Livestock Journal Biden administration sued over climate change EO Violates separation of powers A coalition of 12 states is suing the Biden administration over the climate change Executive Order (EO) signed by the president on his first day in office, citing the potential economic impact onContinue Reading

As published by P.J. Media BY DR. JAY LEHR AND TOM HARRIS  In Genesis 1:6-7 of the New Living Translation of the Bible, God “separated the waters of the heavens from the waters of the Earth.” In the New King James Version of the Bible, God parted the water of theContinue Reading

A lifelong agriculturalist takes on global warming. By Dana H. Saylor Sr. First published in the Winter 2020 issue of RANGE magazine Until I discovered my own truths, I held those of others. This realization dawned on me about 20 years ago when “global warming” began morphing into “climate change.”Continue Reading

Posted by Watts Up With That? What’s Natural? No Meat for You! by Jim Steele New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced NYC’s New Green Deal and his plan “to save our earth”. He stated NYC will reduce beef purchases by 50% and phase out ALL purchases of processedContinue Reading

by GREG WALCHER on NOVEMBER 8, 2019 What if someone said they planned to burn down your house, but it’s for your own good? They need to study how houses burn, so they can build better computer models to predict future home fires. In the future, therefore, that might help you. Asinine asContinue Reading

by ©Lee Pitts Government officials say over 5,000 invasive species have infiltrated our ecosystem and our economy causing an estimated $120 billion in damages annually. Here’s my top ten list of invasive species in America today. 10. Fake Food– Remember the days when the great American barbecue consisted of aContinue Reading

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” ~Mark Twain~ Scientist Tony Heller, also known as Steve Goddard on Twitter and elsewhere, has produced this short video which takes down the false foundations of “climate change” and “global warming” with the use of historic graphs and tables. By using dramatic imagesContinue Reading

Farm Journal’s MILK Jim Dickrell A team of scientists from John Hopkins University claims switching to all vegan-diets across the globe would reduce the per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of food production by 70%. Going to just one meatless day per week would cut the average American’s greenhouse gasContinue Reading

Global Warping: Separating the information from the mythinformation Words and Photos by Sierra D. Stoneberg Holt, Ph.D. Originally published in the Summer 2009 edition of RANGE magazine The greatest “global warming/carbon sequestration” myth is that only a select few can understand it.  You are told that you must be “for”Continue Reading