Letter: Wyoming Man opens a can of ‘whoop ass’ on Mitt Romney for conviction vote

Written by John Hoak

Big Horn, Wyoming

John Hoak of Big Horn, Wyoming is a friend of RANGE magazine. Echoing the sentiments of countless Americans across the country, John penned a letter to Senator Mitt Romney making it clear that he’s no friend of Mitt. John also makes the case that the Senator’s nauseatingly self-righteous diatribe on the Senate Floor prior to President Trump’s recent acquittal shows that the former Massachusetts governor is not only an enemy to the president, but is also an enemy to truth, impartiality, and the people of Utah.

Senator Romney: 

I am not your friend. 

I have followed your private & public careers, and watched closely your inept & disappointing failed presidential candidacy – a failure which cost the nation eight years of the most destructive presidency in our history, the divisive & damaging after-effects of which linger still. 

I have followed your political maneuverings since, including your recent decision to support impeachment of the current President, and your childish, deceitful & cowardly use of a nom de plume in anonymously criticizing the President in social media.  I reject your below explanation as characteristically fraudulent, self-serving and disrespectful. 

I am educated, knowledgeable and well informed.  I am a lifelong student and careful observer of American & international politics & governance, history, economics, business, culture and current affairs.  I studied attentively the 2019-2020 impeachment play by House democrats, and noted the role you played therein.  Your decision to side with & support the corrupt, criminal, hateful democrat vigilantes in pursuing their coup in the guise of impeachment – an illegitimate & dangerous abuse of Congressional impeachment power without credible basis or pretense of due process, based upon false & unfounded accusations, secret informers & leakers, misinformation & outright lies and nakedly-political shenanigans – was a disgraceful repudiation of your duty & responsibility as a United States Senator. 

Failing that – and I wouldn’t expect anyone with so little character and so large an ego as you to step down – I hope Utah voters will dump you ignominiously & quickly from office. 

An educated & knowledgeable man yourself, you knew very well that your vote was not justified by law, precedent, facts or truth.  Your exercise of “impartial justice”?  A ridiculous rationalization and lie … Compounding the stark legal & Constitutional incompetence & irresponsibility of your vote and your dereliction of duty, your cloaking it in faux-pious claims of service & duty to God, country and conscience simply sharpens the stench of your transparently despicable behavior and my disgust for you & concern for your poisonous presence & influence in the U.S. Senate. 

I see you as a weak, self-absorbed, small-minded flip-flop & failure; a petty, vindictive, unscrupulous man unworthy of public office or trust.  You cannot be relied on by America to recognize, let alone to serve her interests.  I cannot imagine you participating meaningfully in strengthening our nation in any way, and I certainly do not look to you for leadership of any kind on any issue.  Nevertheless, I’m not pleased to spend time & energy in writing to you – very likely a waste of time – but hope that by doing so and adding my voice to those of so many others who feel similarly, I might help to cause you to resign. 

Failing that – and I wouldn’t expect anyone with so little character and so large an ego as you to step down – I hope Utah voters will dump you ignominiously & quickly from office.  You are altogether worthy of the recall movement you have spawned among your own electorate and Utah’s other elected officials. I could have said all of this more concisely, as would many of your Utah constituents and many of us in Wyoming: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.  Get the hell out.  We don’t want anything more to do with you. 

John Hoak, Big Horn, WY

Romney’s Nauseatingly Self-righteous Diatribe