Ryan Bundy 1Last week the Internet and social media were abuzz about Ryan Bundy, and whatever was supposed to have happened with him.  What did happen?  Those who actually know aren’t talking.

But last week Cheri Roberts wrote and posted an article on Challenging the Rhetoric about this.  Then Cheri invited Todd Macfarlane to discuss it with her on her Challenging the Rhetoric radio show Radio /  Listen Here:

Cheri Roberts 1



Then Macfarlane went on Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos to discuss this and other issues / Listen Here:

Trent Loos 3


For Macfarlane’s article on this subject, check-out Boiling Frogs Post

We have an agreement with BFP/Newsbud that we won’t re-post Macfarlane’s Legal Reality Check Articles here on RANGEFIRE! until after they have been on BFP/Newsbud for at least two weeks.

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  1. We also talked about it on our show, America First Radio Show…

    Even had HIS WIFE on to talk about it.

    The truth about what happened.

    1. Author

      Please provide a link so we can share your show.

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